About the Books

Helping others with kindness and by showing compassion, Perky Panda cleverly demonstrates how practicing mindfulness techniques can positively assist in regulating emotions. These delightful stories provide the powerful conversation starter: “Are you ok? How can I help you?”

About the Author

Maria La Selva is an educator and author; She is passionate and committed in developing the whole child. Maria is very grateful that she has had opportunities to educate and support children to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

In Maria’s roles as an educator and Assistant Principal she has led many successful programs that have encouraged self-awareness, personal identity, and the development of empathy for others and building resilience in students.

The Perky Panda Story

This delightful story embraces uniqueness and explores various mindfulness techniques, which assist children when experiencing uncomfortable feelings. A practical literacy resource for parents, teachers and psychologists which will invite and stimulate powerful conversations about thoughts and feelings that are being experienced. This story shows the benefits of simple mindfulness techniques which is cleverly outlined in the text and throughout the vibrant colourful illustrations.

“Perky Panda encourages and motivates us to have conversations about the different emotions that we experience.”